ISOS Integrated School of Ocean Sciences

Gradschool ISOS

The PhD programme of the Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS) focuses on interdisciplinary education outside of curricular courses

It offers supplementary training, a framework of supervision, mentoring and mobility for doctoral candidates. At the ISOS, doctoral candidates sharpen their scientific profile, are challenged to think beyond their discipline and to equip themselves for life after a PhD. About 150 PhD candidates from six faculties participate in the PhD programme, forming a large interdisciplinary network.

The ISOS PhD Programme PhD candidates are recruited by members of the Cluster of Excellence directly and obtain their  degrees in their respective faculties. Through choosing to join the PhD programme, candidates gain access to additional training,  mentoring, multidisciplinary exposure, financial incentives and activities that supplement their disciplinary research. The focus at the ISOS is on providing tangible benefit to the individual PhD, through early exposure to topics beyond research such  as social responsibility, public communication and global sustainability. Input to the programme by senior cluster members, alumni and persons from industry and public life encourage PhD candidates to form networks early and set their goals for life  after the doctorate.


Kategorie: Graduiertenschule
Abschluss: Promotion
Zielgruppe: Graduierte

Ort: Kiel
Bundesland: Schleswig-Holstein

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