Understanding the coastal ecocline

Baltic TRANSCOAST follows a comprehensive and innovative qualification plan to offer early stage researchers an excellent education in several fields in the marine and terrestrial sciences, advised by leading scientists. The PhD students will gain wide and inter-disciplinary expertise in coastal research.

Baltic TRANSCOAST investigates the hydrodynamic, (bio)geochemical and biological processes at the interface between land and sea. Globally, coastal zones are the regions that are most transformed and used by man. A fundamental understanding of flat coastal areas, which are characterised by intensive interactions between land and sea, is essential for developing sustainable management strategies.

Baltic TRANSCOAST addresses, in interdisciplinary research topics, the water and matter fluxes in and between a coastal peatland and the adjacent shallow sea as well as the interactions with the biota. Rostock as a research location is well suited for inter-disciplinary research because biologists, chemists, physicists and environmental scientists of three faculties of the University of Rostock as well as of the Leibniz institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW) are working closely together.


Kategorie: Graduiertenkolleg
Abschluss: Promotion
Zielgruppe: Graduierte

Ort: Rostock
Bundesland: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Weitere Informationen:
Department Maritime Systeme, Uni Rostock


Leibniz-Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde

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Department Maritime Systeme, Interdisziplinäre Fakultät, Universität Rostock

Im Jahr 2007 wurde mit dem Ziel, die universitäre Forschung zu maritimen Themen zu bündeln, ...