Biological Oceanography

Biological Oceanography deals with the oceanic ecosystem, i.e. with the interactions between physical, chemical and above all biological processes. Hence, biological oceanography is inherently interdisciplinary ecosystem research.

Hinweis: Diese Studiengangsbeschreibung ist nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.


Within Basic Research the natural systems with their various interactions and seasonal differences are to be understood. Within Applied Research the gained knowledge is used todevelop practical  solutions for current problems. But the socio-politically most important research field at the centre of attention covers the possible effects of human induced environmental changes.

Some key questions are:

  • How does global warming and increasing atmospheric CO2 affect biological processes in the ocean?
  • How do species and communities react to environmental stressors and increased pressure by invading species?
  • How does a changing environment influence dynamic food web interactions?


Kategorie: Studium
Abschluss: Master of Science
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Ort: Kiel
Bundesland:  Schleswig-Holstein

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