CSA Oceans

CSA Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans is a FP7 support action which is designed to reduce the time for JPI Oceans to move from the preliminary to the operational phase.

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CSA Oceans is a FP7 project to support the JPI Oceans initiative in its startup phase. The first goal of the project will be to facilitate the implementation of JPI Oceans. The project will propose tools, procedures and structures for long-term governance and operational cooperation of the Joint Programming activities. Furthermore the project will look for best practices and innovative solution to propose new ways of interaction. Additionally, the project will investigate possibilities to assess the impact of the Joint Programming Initiative.

Most importantly the CSA Oceans project will facilitate the development of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and an Implementation Plan according to JPI Oceans vision and goals. When CSA Oceans ends it is expected to have built the momentum for long term European cooperation in marine and maritime research policy thereby making JPI Oceans self-sustained.

The project which has a budget of 2,3 million Euro over three years has the following partners:

  • Norwegian Research Council
  • The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ)
  • CNR
  • NWO
  • NERC
  • KDM


KDM is coordinating Work Package 7 Designing a Foresight Process as part of CSA Oceans. The aim of WP7 is to develop a procedure for identifying future research themes and funding priorities for the national ministries and bodies responsible for research funding that are represented in JPI Oceans, i.e. the development of a foresight process for JPI Oceans. This process aims to be:

  1. Inclusive, meaning that the relevant actors (representatives from academia, research, and industry as well as from civil society and the policy-making community) are at the centre of identifying the priorities.
  2. Transparent, in that it is traceable and understandable how those research priorities have been identified.
  3. Efficient, in a way that the procedures and administration are lean and uncomplicated.

In short, this WP seeks to strengthen and structure the involvement of the research community in the setting of research priorities for marine and maritime research at the European level.

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