ECORD Summer Schools

On behalf of the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) an annual Summer School has been hosted by the University of Bremen since 2007.


By hosting one of only three IODP core repositories in the world – the only one in Europe – the MARUM in Bremen offers a unique possibility to bring especially European PhD students and young Postdocs in touch with IODP at an early stage of their career, inform them about the actual research within this thrilling international scientific program, and to prepare them for future participations in IODP expeditions.

Such training will be achieved by taking the summer school participants on a “virtual ship” where they get familiarized with a wide spectrum of state-of- the-art analytical technologies and core description methods including core logging/scanning according to the high standards on IODP expeditions.

Information zu den ECORD Summer Schools:


Kategorie: Summer School
Abschluss: Zertifikat
Zielgruppe: Studenten/Postdocs

Ort: Bremen
Bundesland:  Bremen

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