International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology

ISATEC is a two-year international Master of Science study programme on tropical aquatic ecosystems. It is held at the University of Bremen (UB) and conducted in collaboration with the affiliated Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT).

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It aims at the joint education and specialisation of German and foreign postgraduates in theoretical and applied ecology. Students will receive a broad range of knowledge, with emphasis placed on concepts and methodologies for the sustainable utilisation and conservation of tropical aquatic ecosystems. Thus, general ecology as well as fisheries biology, aquaculture sciences, ecological economics and social sciences relevant to coastal planning and management are integral parts of the study programme.

All Students carry out a research study to be concluded with a thesis. Successful completion of the programme will lead to the degree of Master of Science.

Participants of the ISATEC MSc programme will become experts in the field of tropical aquatic ecosystem research. They will possess a working knowledge of the system and applications for the conflicting issues of utilisation and conservation of tropical coastlines, shallow seas and wetland habitats. They will be equipped to join or conduct multidisciplinary teams working in the investigation and management of tropical coastal zones or freshwater systems as well as continue university studies (PhD) in the areas of aquatic ecology or integrated coastal zone management.

Employment for graduates may be found with national and international organisations involved in research and nature conservation projects, governmental institutions dedicated to coastal systems and resource management, environmental consultancy agencies, universities and with organisations dedicated to developmental aid (GIZ, DAAD, DED, CIM etc.).



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Abschluss: Master of Science
Zielgruppe: Graduierte

Ort: Bremen
Bundesland:  Bremen

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