Promote research and innovation in the South Atlantic through the implementation of the Belém Declaration

AANChOR aims to promote the flagship research and innovation initiative in the South Atlantic, as well as the Belém Declaration signed by the EU, Brazil and South Africa in 2017, to promote and improve research and innovation cooperation in the Atlantic Basin from Antarctica to the Arctic. For this purpose, AANChOR will be responsible for establishing a multi-stakeholder platform in order to identify cooperation activities and to build on national and international initiatives such as the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. AANChOR also contributes to strengthening capacity building and promoting the transfer of science between science and industry. AANChOR provides seed capital for selected pilot actions in the first development phase, which should contribute to the implementation of the identified joint activities. This should also help to identify the most suitable funding mechanisms and tools for the further development of selected activities. Long-term measures for the sustainability of the cooperation framework should be defined beyond the duration of the project. The consortium brings together partners from 5 European countries, 2 Latin American countries and 2 African countries.

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