Alkor komplett

The ALKOR is a midsize, multi-disciplinary research vessel deployed in German and European marine research. It usually cruises the Baltic Sea, Kattegatt and Skagerrak as well as the North Sea.

"Tirelessly working for science and education, the Alkor still gives an impression of ease. It seems that ship and crew meet even the highest requirements naturally and without much effort. Only during long-term operations under heavy weather do the Alkor's real strenght and persistence, even stubbornness, show. "

Dr. Klaus von Bröckel, Scientist in Biological Oceanography, GEOMAR

At a length of 55 metres, the vessel hosts four laboratories, in which air, water and sediment samples can be analysed. The ALKOR is also fitted for the deployment of JAGO, Germany’s only manned submersible, which might, for example, be used to study cold water corals in the Skagerrak.

The ALKOR, named after a star in the Ursa Major constellation, was built in 1990 to replace a research cutter of the same name. After 24 years at sea, that cutter was decommissioned as it no longer met technical and environmental standards. The new ALKOR is used for expeditions with German and European research groups. Furthermore, university students receive practical training on the ALKOR which is operated by GEOMAR in Kiel. Its sister ship is the Helgoland-based HEINCKE.

The Alkor at a glance

Year of Construction: 1990
Owner: Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein
Operator: GEOMAR
Port of Registry: Kiel
Length: 55,2 m
Beam: 12,5 m
Draught: 4,16 m
Speed: 12,5 knots
Nautical Crew: 11 Persons
Scientists: 12 Persons


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