The aquaculture Masterscourse is a research-oriented university study course with a total duration of 2 years. It teaches core competences regarding marine fish aquaculture, sea-ranching and the aquaculture of aquatic algae

In addition, competences on economics, fishery protection law, environmental law and nature conservation law as well as technical plant operation are elaborated, enabling the students to process complex problems regarding aquaculture development and implementation.

The aquaculture of marine and limnic organisms is a diverse and dynamic economic and research field of increasing global significance. An establishment and extension of sustainable aquacultures requires competences from various disciplines, ranging from the biology of organisms over industrial production and technical implementation to legal bases and economically oriented marketing and operation aspects.

This permanently developing business branch needs highly qualified staff, i.e. persons who are, due to their broad basic education and specialised knowledge, able to look after aquaculture plants and to develop innovative concepts for future applications.

The master study course Aquaculture of the University of Rostock provides a research-oriented education and shall enable students to fulfill diverse requirements related to different fields of work.



Category: Academic Studies
Certificate: Master of Science
Aimed at: Graduates

Location:  Rostock
Federal State:  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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University of Rostock, Interdisciplinary Faculty
Department Maritime Systems


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