CEN Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability

CEN Hamburg

Thinking outside the box to arrive at new insights – this is one of the guiding principles of the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN).

Regarding our climate, CEN unites researchers from various fields such as meteorology, oceanography, economics and sociology. Only together can we assess how our society will work and do business in the future, and what that will mean e.g. for our climate.

Many questions raised by research concerning the climate, Earth and our environment cannot be addressed by a single discipline. Our environment is at the same time a nature reserve and a source of arable land. Recently, it has also taken on importance as an energy landscape.  A diverse group of experts is called for in order to evaluate the extent to which economics, social justice, environmental and climate protection can be reconciled.




Bundesstr. 53
20146 Hamburg

Director: Prof. Dr. Detlef Stammer

Public Relations:
Ute Kreis
Tel: +49 40 / 42838 4523
Email: ute.kreis@uni-hamburg.de
Web: http://www.cen.uni-hamburg.de/en


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