German Marine Research Consortium


KDM is a partner for the identification of new research fields and for the development of international research strategies. Its main goals are to support marine research and to strengthen public awareness for marine sciences.


KDM brings together the marine science expertise of its member institutions and collectively presents it to policy makers and research funding organisations as well as to the general public. , marine research serves as a stimulus for innovation and contributes significantly to the standing of the maritime sector in the northern German coastal states through research work, contributions to higher education as well as through knowledge and technology transfer.

We are your partner for:

RESEARCH PLANNING: Identification of future research fields and the coordinated use of shared infrastructure.

RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT: Development of research strategies within a European and global context as well as recommendations to decision makers and research programming.

INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT: The creation, management and development of a national pool of research vessels and underwater vehicles, instrumentation and observatories

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Representation within international bodies and the fostering of cooperation with international partners.

COMMUNICATING MARINE SCIENCE: Dialogue with the public, with decision makers in government and industry to raise awareness about marine research.