German Oceanographic Museum

The German Oceanographic Museum is a foundation under German Civil Law. The foundation funds its financial requirements with more than 50 % of own incomes. Further funding is provided by the German federal government, the provincial government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the Hanseatic city of Stralsund.

The foundation's task is to manage the German Oceanographic Museum as a nationally important and non-profit organization of basic education, science and culture.

Even before 1989, the museum already had an international reputation. This was an important precondition to henceforth interact as reunified Germany’s only institution of its kind and to address its new, extensive tasks. Due to this the then municipal museum was changed into a foundation under Civil Law. In 2001, the German Oceanographic Museum was listed one of the twenty most important cultural institutions of Eastern Germany (Blaubuch).

By now, the foundation runs four museums: The oceanographic museum in Stralsund, opened 1951, the NATUREUM Darßer Ort near Prerow, opened 1991, the NAUTINEUM on the Dänholm, Stralsund, which opened in 1999, and, since 2008, the OZEANEUM on the harbour island of Stralsund.




Katharinenberg 14 - 20
18439 Stralsund

Directorate: Dr. Harald Benke, Andreas Tanschus

Public Relations:
Diana Meyen
Tel: +49 3831 / 2650621
Email: ed.muesumsereem//@neyem.anaid