Department of Maritime Systems, Interdisciplinary Faculty, University of Rostock


In the year 2007, the Interdisciplinary Faculty was founded at the University of Rostock in order to concentrate the marine research at the university. There are three main research areas in this focus.

The research area “Coastal zones in global and regional change” is devoted to the main trends in the ecosystem. Among these are the changes in hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics, changes in cycles of matter and changes in biodiversity. In this respect, it is necessary to determine the causes and consequences of these changes and to predict scenarios for expected change.

The research area “Use of marine systems” developes environmentally sound technical solutions in all areas of the marine economy. The spectrum ranges from experimental investigations and modeling of hydrodynamic processes to the construction of large-scale structures, innovations in shipbuilding and the conception of coastal defense measures. Innovative strategies are also being developed for fisheries and for aquaculture.
In the research area “Sustainable development and management” the manifold demands for use of the coastal zone are regarded in their ecological, economical, political and social contexts. Holistic strategies, such as integrated coastal zone management and marine spatial planning, should contribute to the development of the coasts as ecologically intact and economically prospering places to live and work.




Wismarsche Str. 8
18051 Rostock

Head: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schubert

Public Relations:
Tel: +49 381 / 498 8921
Email: ed.kcotsor-inu//@stm



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