Environmental Physics

The course "Master of Science in Environmental Physics" is interesting for german graduates, looking for an challenging internationally recognized course of study.

In this programme, you ...

  • enhance your knowledge of the complex relationships between atmosphere, hydrosphere (ocean), cryosphere (ice region), and solid earth (land),
  • learn experimental methods in environmental physics at the most advanced level, numerical data analysis using supercomputers, and data interpretation via sophisticated models,
  • are taught by expert scientists and staff from the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP) at the University of Bremen in co-operation with the federal Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) in Bremerhaven,
  • you will gain research experience after successfully completing the first year of course work,
  • on successful completion of the MSc., you will be well prepared for participation in a Ph.D. programme at the University of Bremen or elsewhere.


Category: Academic Studies
Certificate: Master of Science
Aimed at: Graduates

Location: Bremerhaven/Bremen
Federal State: Bremen

For more Information:

University of Bremen


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