Forschungszentrum Küste, Hannover & Braunschweig

FZK Wellenkanal

In order to improve the co-ordination of coastal research at universities and to develop multi-disciplinary national and international co-operation Forschungszentrum Küste (FZK) was established in 1996.

This centre is organized as a Joint Central Institution of the Leibniz Universität Hannover and the Technische Universität Braunschweig. For more than 25 years, institutes and research groups of both universities are working together in the topics of Coastal Engineering and Hydrodynamics. Close co-operation between four partner-institutes guarantees an optimal use of the research facilities and an innovatory development in coastal research. Furthermore, high level teaching and education for students on Coastal Engineering is performed within an optimal technical and scientific framework.

The superordinate goal of the Forschungszentrum Küste is the scientific investigation of hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and ecological processes at the coast and in front of the coast. These processes, their interaction as well as their temporal and spatial variation must be described and forecasted. Trends concerning potential changes of the natural processes must duly be identified and interpreted. Environmental intervention must be predicted regarding the impact in the near and far field. Moreover, recommendations shall evolve, which ensure that necessary intervention always accounts for the natural coastal environment. Eventually, scientific principles for the coastal environment will be developed.


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