The six-semester Bachelor of Science Geophysics/Oceanography at the Universität Hamburg is a practice-oriented education and provides an education qualifying for a research-oriented job in this area as well as the basis for a further qualification in MSc programs.

The combined education in Geophysics/Oceanography is unique and established internationally at renowned universities. In Germany, Hamburg is the only place offering this BSc study course.


During the first academic year introductory lectures are held and the students obtain the necessary basis in mathematics and physics. During the second academic year, apart from several internships including partical training at sea and one professional practical training, primarily subject-specific background topics essential for both disciplines (geophysics and oceanography) are covered. In the third academic year, further internships and in-depth courses (typically within the compulsory but optional subjects in geophysics and physical oceanography) are given, which means that the main part of specialisation into either geophysics or phys. oceanography takes place in the third year of studies. The thesis for obtaining the BSc-degree (duration of 6 weeks) is written in the same year. The courses are divided into modules; students receive credit points for each module which will be acknowledged in case of changing program or to apply elsewhere.


Category: Academic Studies
Certificate: Bachelor of Science
Aimed at:  Prospective Students, Graduates

Location: Hamburg
Federal State: Hamburg

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