Integrated Climate System Sciences

The MSc in Integrated Climate System Sciences (ICSS) combines all sciences that are concerned with the climate system.

This includes natural, social and economic sciences, as well as peace and conflict research. This interdisciplinary approach will enable you to understand the processes of climate variability and climate change and the respective consequences for societies, including how they respond to these processes.

Your curriculum will focus on earth system sciences, considering natural processes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, geosphere and biosphere. Another focus is on humanities (economics, political sciences, sociology and communication studies) to understand political and social processes and conflicts that cause or arise from climate change. SICSS courses are designed to emphasize rigorous academic research and discovery and will prepare students for continuous scientific inquiry. 

To describe the climate system and its intricacies, you will mainly use mathematical and numerical modeling. Monitoring and observation play another important role in understanding the processes of the earth system. To understand the complex relationships between climate and society you will apply empirical research methods in addition to modeling techniques.

This approach will enable you to develop an understanding of the past, current and future climate variability and climate changes of the earth system. You will see and understand the earth as an integrated system.

Based on this sound scientific education the SICSS MSc program offers three tracks to choose from:

  • Physics of the climate system
  • Biogeochemistry of the climate system
  • Climate-related economics and social sciences

SICSS will give you an understanding across the three program tracks and opens the opportunity to give your personal curriculum either an “indepth” focus on one or two of the tracks or an “interdisciplinary” focus when you decide to cover all tracks.



Category: Academic Studies
Certificate: Master of Science
Aimed at: Graduates

Location: Hamburg
Federal State: Hamburg

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