Merian Gesamt

The MARIA S. MERIAN is the youngest member of the German research fleet. When launched in 2006, she was the world's most modern multi-disciplinary research vessel. The ship is based in Rostock-Warnemuende but is usually found in the North Atlantic and the adjacent seas.

"For Baltic Sea Researchers like us, the MERIAN is the ideal platform for practicing our interdisclipinary approach at sea, as joint expeditions of marine biologists, oceanographers, marine chemists and marine geologists require a ship with lots of space for staff and equipment. And thanks to the ice reinforcement of the Merian, we can now do research even on the wintry, icecovered Baltic Sea."

- Prof. Dr. Detlef Schulz-Bull, Head of the Marine Chemistry Department at the IOW

 The MARIA S. MERIAN is also fit for research expeditions to the near-polar regions - it can break through an ice shield of up to 60 cm width and move among drifting ice floes.

To be easily manoeuvrable, the MERIAN was built with a special propulsion system. Mounted below the hull are two propellers which can turn a full 360°. They allow the ship to precisely maintain a fixed position at sea. That is, for example, important for the deployment of remotely operated submersibles or the seafloor drilling device MeBo. Two stabilizing systems guarantee a smooth passage, so that the 23 scientists don't have to worry about rough seas when doing lab work.

Besides technology, environment played a key role in designing the MERIAN. The ship was awarded the label "Blue Angel" for operating environmentally friendly. In sensitive regions, for example, the MERIAN can go for 48 hours without discharging any waste water. Sewage is collected in special tanks on board. The MARIA S. MERIAN was the first newly-built German research vessel after a 15-year break. It replaces the A. V. HUMBOLDT, which was decommissioned due to her age.

The Maria S. Merian at a glance

Year of construction: 2006
Owner: Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Operator: Co-ordinating office FS MARIA S. MERIAN
Port of Registry: Rostock
Length: 94,8 m
Beam: 19,2 m
Draught: max. 6,5 m
Speed: max. 15 knots
Nautical Crew: 21 Persons
Scientists: 23 Persons


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