Marine Environmental Science

The objective of this programme is to provide students with an enhanced knowledge of modern methods in the fields of environmental and marine research.

Thematic specialisation areas lie in coastal and shallow sea research, marine microbiology, and climate and earth system research. This programme not only includes a theoretical component, but also broad practical training - from strategies of data processing to powerful tools of chemical and microbiological environmental analysis. Additionally, students in this programme learn to manage independent scientific work on complex tasks, as well as team work and the communication of basic knowledge and research findings.The beginning phase of this programme focuses on the technical aspects of mathematics and natural sciences and their imprint on environmental systems. The second phase serves three educational objectives:
Discussion of environmental systems in relation to examples expands knowledge concerning the interactions of various processes and the behaviour of systems.

Students develop their own individual qualification profiles and choose a specialisation from the three subject areas biology (themes: environmental microbiology, planktology, ecology), chemistry /geoscience (themes: geochemistry, marine chemistry, environmental analysis) or physics / modelling (themes: complex systems, environmental, modelling, geophysics / oceanography).

A small research project introduces students to interdisciplinary environmental research. The ICBM supports students who choose to carry out this research project in their third semester at a university or research institute abroad.

The final phase consists of an independent scientific master's thesis and its adequate presentation and discussion.



Category: Academic Studies
Certificate: Master of Science
Aimed at:  Graduates

Location: Oldenburg
Federal State: Lower Saxony

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Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM), University of Oldenburg


Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, University of Oldenburg

The Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) at the Carl von Ossie...