Young talent

I'm just about to have a look at the site. Yes, unfortunately they "cast" it (badly). I'll think about it again. One point we could definitely include would be: funding prizes. I think many people don't know what kind of prizes and competitions there are. Otto Krümmel AwardAnnette Barthelt Foundation e.V.SETAC GLB Young Talent AwardI/you would have to do some research here. However, some of the prices are only for employees of the respective institute. 
Another idea would be to draw attention to EU projects that could be of interest to young people and offer new Bachelor/Master courses as an example: SEA-EU European University of the Seas orIMBRSEAHowever, the question here is whether we can represent this as KDM, because in principle we do not serve/advertise our institutes in this area? However, "international" would then fit better and it would be something that DAM does not have.