The research boat POLARFUCHS is property of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute and initially served as the lab boat of the research icebreaker POLARSTERN. It was designed for operations near the parent ship under ice-free conditions.

In 1996, however, it was removed from the vessel and replaced. The POLARFUCHS had proven no match for the harsh conditions found in the Polar Regions.

Following some reconstruction work, the research boat was handed over to its new operator, the GEOMAR, in 1997. Today, it cruises the coast off Schleswig-Holstein and is used mainly for ecologic studies. To better suit this purpose, the boat equipment includes a multipurpose laboratory and a small winch. The POLARSFUCHS is used not only for scientific but also educational activities.

The Polarfuchs at a glance

Year of Construction: 1982
Owner: Federal Republic of Germany,
represented by the Ministry of Research
Operator: GEOMAR
Port of Registry: Kiel
Length: 12,7 m
Beam: 4,4 m
Draught: 1,35 m
Speed: 7,5 knots
Nautical Crew: 2 Persons
Scientists: 6 Persons


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