POLMAR Helmholtz Graduate School for Polar and Marine Research


The Helmholtz Graduate School POLMAR provides a coherent framework for a well structured postgraduate programme at the Alfred Wegener Institute.

POLMAR is established as a transdisciplinary umbrella organization to combine high level science qualification in the various disciplines of polar and marine research with other key qualifications through joint seminars, lectures and practical training.

Together with the cooperating institutions we qualify a new generation of internationally competitive young scientists in the field of marine research with a focus on high latitude marine ecosystems and polar climate change. PhD students will be prepared for taking over leading positions in research, management and policy, technology development, or consulting and education.

Doctoral education within POLMAR is structured systematically and adapted to the individual needs of the PhD students.

Aims of the Graduate School

The Graduate School POLMAR aims to improve the qualification of the participating PhD students and provide an optimal research environment towards their doctoral degree. To achieve these principle objectives the Graduate School intends to:

  • develop profound disciplinary knowledge and foster interdisciplinary thinking,
  • apply knowledge to practice,
  • build a strong personal career profile by defining professional goals and obtaining a broad range of work-related soft skills,
  • develop and support national and international networking,
  • foster international awareness and visibility,
  • provide access to unique research infrastructure.



Category: Graduate School
Certificate: Doctoral degree
Aimed at: Graduates

Location: Bremerhaven
Federal State: Bremen

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