"Future of the Gulf Stream circulation" - facts and background information

Publication of the Strategy group "Ocean in the Climate System"

This brochure provides a clearly understandable overview of current scientific knowledge about the Gulf Stream circulation: researchers classify confusing and often contradictory information that is discussed by the general public. It thus constitutes an orientation of plausible future scenarios and relevant research questions.


Future of the Gulf Stream circulation (pdf, 1.5 mb)


KDM Brochure "German Marine Research - Our Seas and Oceans"

This brochure presents German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and its member institutions.

A summary of objectives and perspectives is given for KDM as the umbrella organisation of all major German marine research institutions, speaking with one voice by KDM. The broad scientific scope of German marine research and its great expertise in complementary research fields is documented by presesentations of the 16 member institutions.


Brochure on Ocean Observatories

Ocean observatories for earth system sciences in the key region Atlantic-Arctic Ocean

This brochure offers a vision for an integrated network of ocean observatories in the North Atlantic/Arctic Ocean region. There is an enormous need by society for ocean  observation in this rapidly changing key region of the Earth system, with consequences for our climate, for the coastal regions and for the sustainable use and protection of marine ecosystems. With this initiative, the German marine research community aims to contribute knowledge and infrastructure for a better understanding of change in the polar region, and for a better planning of societal response.

It is a main goal of the German Marine Research Consortium to realize this vision within this decade, in close cooperation with our European partners and other international collaborators..


KDM / DFG Brochure "Marine Biodiversity"


The brochure is available in German language only.


KDM Position Paper  "Marine genomics in Germany "

The brochure is available in German language only.


Brochure on Coastal Research

Change in Coastal Seas

Coasts are exceptionally dynamic areas. They are subject to highly fluctuating, sometimes extreme influences from sea, land and atmosphere. Against the backdrop of global change, coastal research needs to identify factors controlling coastal processes at an early stage, and needs to determine which countermeasures are both necessary and feasible. The brochure "Küstenmeere im Wandel" (Change in Coastal Seas), put together by the German Marine Research Consortium, outlines development trends at the German coast and defines areas requiring further research.

KDM_Coastal_Seas_Memorandum (pdf, 5,4 MB)


Posters of Parlamentary Evening in Brussels

European Marine Scientific Research: Perspectives 2007 - 2013

On October 17, 2005 the German Marine Research Consortium hosted an information evening in Brussels, for members of the European Parlament and politicians focussing on research policies. This page provides you with plenty of documents related to this event. You can either view or download the files by clicking on the links.


Ocean circulation and climate 98 KB 1.3 MB
Bodden environment 107 KB 7.9 MB
Invasion of species 115 KB 2.6 MB
Coastal impact 111 KB 2.0 MB
Fisheries & aquaculture 109 KB 5.5 MB
Hurricanes 109 KB 4.9 MB
Tsunamis 128 KB 12.7 MB
Acidification of the ocean 118 KB 1.6 MB
Ocean energy: Burning ice 96 KB 2.4 MB
Marine technology 131 KB 3.9 MB
Under-ice technology 107 KB 5.7 MB
Deep biosphere 104 KB 4.2 MB
Pharmaceuticals from the sea 121 KB  
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