FS Solea, Thünen-Institut

The name: Solea solea is the scientific name for the common sole, a popular food fish that has its northern distribution boundary in the North Sea

The SOLEA is used in the sea areas of middle-water fishing (North Sea and Baltic Sea). Here different types of nets can be used (pelagic and bottom trawl nets, biological sample trawl and plankton nets). The scientific team has three laboratories available. The ship was designed so that the engine makes as little underwater noise as possible: the SOLEA is the quietest ship in its class and therefore especially suited for acoustic measurements of small swarm fish. The ship is at sea on about 270 days each year.

The Solea at a glance

Year of Construction: 2004
Owner: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, managed by BLE
Operator: Thünen-Institute
Port of Registry: Cuxhaven
Length: 42,40 m
Beam: 10 m
Draught: max. 3,8 m
Speed: 12,5 kn
Nautical Crew: 14 Members
Scientists: 7 Persons


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