Future Forum on the Ocean

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How does the Future Forum work?

The Future Ocean Forum aims at a broad range of strategic activities related to ocean and coastal research.

The members of the Future Forum on the Oceans propose thematic focal points, which are prioritised in consultation with all members. From these, interdisciplinary working groups develop concrete products.

The Future Ocean Forum deals with the following tasks in the form of discussions, comments, strategy papers or memoranda:



Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research

Lead: Tanja Bogusz and Moritz Holtappels

The crisis-ridden regional and global human-ocean interactions require collaborative inter- and transdisciplinary research. Strategies for action to better promote this must be developed and networks and forums expanded.

Attractiveness and prospects of academic careers in the marine sciences (ECR_Ocean)

Lead: Hans Burchard and Alice Lefebvre

Proposals for new paths and structures that lead to a future-oriented and sustainable development of German marine research, as well as the evaluation of the status of co-operation and funding of German marine research.

Perspectives of the MARE:N programme

Lead: Martin Visbeck

Development of an impulse paper on the significance of the MARE:N research programme from the perspective of German marine research.

German Ocean Science Opportunities (GOSO)

Lead: Johannes Karstensen and Heike Link

Evaluation of the status of co-operation and funding as well as the identification of potential for future-oriented, innovative and sustainable development within German marine research.

Research infrastructure for observing the sea: needs and visions (MareObs4all)

Lead: Leif Christensen and Johannes Karstensen

Utilisation and operation of German research infrastructure (RI) is a complex field. Although good and established solutions exist for research vessels and "large-scale equipment", the conditions of use for many RI components are complicated. A growing need for networking RI components for more comprehensive observation of the ocean and the integration of RI in European and international consortia (e.g. ERIC, AISBL) require an inventory of German RI.


German research fleet

Successful drafting of the position paper "Perspectives for the German research fleet with a focus on medium-sized ships from a scientific perspective".