Joint call for proposals on Microplastics by JPI Oceans

"Ecological aspects of microplastics in the marine environment"

Joint call for proposals under the framework of JPI Oceans

The call which has a reserved budget of over € 6.0 million intends to increase the knowledge about the best analytical methods for identifying microplastics, their distribution in marine systems and their eco-toxicological effects on marine organisms.

Microplastics are persistent, ubiquitous and their high potential to cause physical harm and toxicological effect is being highlighted in various studies. Modes and mechanisms of microplastic toxic action have been indicated for different biological systems, and microplastics have been identified as an artificial substrate which can affect ecological processes, biodiversity and facilitate transport of invasive species as well as pathogens.

However, the knowledge about the origin, size range, abundance and spatial variability of microplastics in marine systems is still limited. The toxicological and ecological effects on marine organisms and ultimately on human health is also insufficiently studied. Hence, for the protection of marine habitats and the safety of marine resources and seafood a transdisciplinary European research initiative is necessary.

Therefore, a joint call for proposals is launched, comprising three main themes:

  •     Validation and harmonisation of analytical methods (interlaboratory study)
  •     Identification and quantification of microplastics
  •     Eco-toxicological effects of microplastic – impact on marine organisms

Each participant in consortium will be funded by his or her national partner organisation. For this call Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden have reserved a total amount of over € 6.0 million. In addition to the above mentioned funding partners Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom would like to participate explicitly with in-kind contributions.

If you want to register as a coordinator for a transnational research project, please read the call text thoroughly before to ensure that your planned project fits into the focus of this call.

All national funding organisations have specific funding rules. Therefore, we would kindly advise you to take a special look at the national regulations and funding guidelines. You can download the guidelines from the funding partners or consult the website of the relevant funding organisations. For more information, please contact your national contact person.

Every proposal needs to be uploaded only by the coordinator. The coordinator also needs to register all project partners. After registration by the coordinator, all partners will get a login for the submission tool send by email.

Proposals can be uploaded on the submission platform from 10 February 2015 onwards. The deadline for submitting proposals is 31st March 2015, 12:00 CEST. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

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