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Strategy Groups

The KDM Strategy Groups are dedicated to major scientific topics, especially those with high societal relevance related to the oceans and seas. They have a mandate with the aim of helping to shape the strategic direction of marine research and its funding lines in terms of content. They also prepare the results of marine research in their thematic areas for policy advice and are available as contact partners. The core of the strategy groups is anchored in the marine sciences. They ensure the inclusion of non-scientific research areas and give marine science working groups at institutions that are not members of the KDM a broad opportunity to participate. Thematically oriented, they also organise the inclusion of other relevant interested parties as guests.

Overview of current strategy groups


Ecosystem diversity

Coastal observation systems

Measuring coastal changes

Coastal research

Marine and terrestrial influences

Marine Protected Areas | Multi-Use

Mineral resources

Explore and understand

Ocean Observations

Measure changes

Ocean circulation and climate

The role of the ocean in climate change

Social & Cultural Sciences

Marine-Human Relations