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The Sustainable Ocean Observations Strategy Group acts as a focal point for the German ocean observation community with the aim of strengthening the national coordination of ocean observation efforts and connecting the large and heterogeneous group of institutions and individuals involved under a common umbrella.

Marine data collection in Germany is oriented towards scientific requirements, but also takes monitoring aspects into account. Such efforts are mainly funded at national level with contributions from European projects and initiatives. They are carried out by universities, research institutions such as Helmholtz, Leibniz or Senckenberg and federal authorities with significant financial and logistical support from federal ministries (BMBF, BMVI, BMWK, BMUV). One focus of the group is the coordination and integration of Germany's national observation strategies with European and global observation initiatives such as the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), as comprehensive and sustainable observation of the open ocean can only be achieved through joint, global efforts.

The strategy group addresses current and future observation needs and the associated technological challenges.


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Ocean Observing | German Contributions

Nachhaltige Ozeanbeobachtung ist für unser Verständnis von Ozean und Klima unerlässlich. Observatorien liefern langzeit Informationen, um gesellschaftliche Bedarfe zu adressieren und neuen Herausforderungen zu begegnen.  In Deutschland tragen verschiedene Institutionen auf verschiedene Art und Weise zur globalen Ozeanbeobachtung bei. Sie stellen Daten bereit, koordinieren Projekte und entwickeln nachhaltige Strategien. Erfahren Sie mehr über diese Beiträge..

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Ocean Observing | Past, Present & Future

The Atlantic Ocean, so important for trade and fisheries, is one of nature's most important protective barriers against climate change. Yet despite all the evidence pointing to accelerated warming, increased acidification and slowing ocean circulation, initiatives to monitor these changes and predict related impacts remain spotty. Learn more ...

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Felix Janssen

Kerstin Jochumsen

Johannes Karstensen

Alexandra Kraberg

Annemiek Vink

Oliver Wurl

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