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KDM was founded in 2004 as an association of marine research institutions in Germany. Since 2018, the association has focused on the bottom-up strategic capacity of the marine research community as well as networking in the broader international community. In doing so, KDM works closely with the German Alliance for Marine Research, which was founded in 2019. 

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Übersichtskarte KDM Mitglieder

KDM is an association with 20 members. They meet annually in a general meeting where all important decisions for KDM are made.

Board of Directors

The KDM Board consists of five members, including a chairperson, a first and second deputy chairperson and two other members. The Board is responsible for all matters of the Association.


KDM maintains two offices in Berlin and Brussels, but works throughout Germany, Europe and the world - on site and virtually.

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bathmann


Prof. Dr Karen Wiltshire

1. deputy chairwoman

Prof. Dr Martin Visbeck

2. Vice-Chairman

Prof. Dr Detlef Stammer


Prof. Dr Torsten Schlurmann



In alphabetical order

Dr Yekaterina Astafyeva

Scientific officer

Yekaterina Astafyeva holds a PhD in microbiology. She has been working as a Science Policy Advisor at the German Marine Research Consortium in Brussels since September 2022. She previously completed her doctorate at the University of Hamburg as part of the DAAD exchange programme. In her doctoral thesis, she researched the interaction of microalgae and bacteria. She has experience as an external expert at the German accreditation agency ASIIN in the field of biology. Previously, she worked at Auezov South Kazakhstan State University as an international project manager and academic mobility coordinator. She carried out international cooperation with partner universities in the framework of Erasmus+ projects, including the development of degree programmes in the natural sciences.

Dr Jan-Stefan Fritz

Managing Director

Jan-Stefan Fritz has been Managing Director of the German Marine Research Consortium since 2018. For over fifteen years, he has represented various German science organisations at the EU and in various international bodies. Before that, he worked in various capacities for the BMBF, UNEP and UNESCO, as well as in Canada. Stefan Fritz holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Jonathan Heimer

University of Oldenburg

Dr Jella Kandziora

Scientific Officer & G7 FSOI Focal Point

Jella Kandziora holds a PhD in economics and environmental engineering. She has been working as a Science Policy Advisor at the German Marine Research Consortium in Brussels since July 2022. In her career to date, she has gained experience in national and international project management, particularly on the topics of sustainable management, bioeconomy and waste management. She conducted research on microplastics and was involved in the organisation of the launch event as well as the seven virtual "Ocean Decade Laboratories". Jella is the German G7 National Focal Point of the Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative Working Group and will contribute her expertise not only to Horizon Europe projects but also to the Atlantic Cooperation.

Sebastian Konitzer

Coordinator Administration

Sebastian Konitzer has been with the German Marine Research Consortium since 2012. Previously, he worked at the German Climate Consortium and in various companies in the automotive sector. He is responsible for all administrative and organisational matters for the Berlin and Brussels offices.

Sebastian Konitzer holds a degree in business administration (FH) with a focus on environmental and international management and is a certified environmental manager.

Dr. Alexandra-Sophie Roy

Wissenschaftliche Koordinatorin, Zukunftsforum Ozean

Alexandra-Sophie ist eine kanadische Meeresbiologin mit mehr als 17 Jahren Erfahrung in der Wissenschaft. Sie hat einen Doktortitel im Bereich biologische Ozeanographie. In ihrer Forschungslaufbahn untersuchte sie die Auswirkungen des durch den Klimawandel verursachten Stresses auf marine Mikroorganismen, um herauszufinden, wie sich deren Gemeinschaftsstrukturen und  genetisches Material in Zukunft verändern werden. Vor ihrer Zeit in Deutschland entwickelte sie nicht-tödliche Techniken, um die Ausbreitung von Korallenriff-Fischen am Great Barrier Reef zu verfolgen. Alexandra-Sophie interessiert sich leidenschaftlich für Meeresorganismen, den Naturschutz und die Aufklärung über die Bedeutung eines gesunden Meeresökosystems.

Wendy Namisnik

Project Manager Mission Ocean

Wendy Namisnik (MA International Relations & Environmental Issues / BA Journalism) is a California native with more than 25 years of experience in communications and project management on behalf of private, governmental and non-profit organisations, including environmental organisations. Wendy moved to Germany in 2018 to lead the Capacity Development work package for AANChOR, an EU-funded project supporting the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. Since March 2021, Wendy has joined KDM as Project Manager for the EU-Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 active. Wendy also co-coordinated the Virtual Early Career Ocean Professional Day organised by KDM as part of the official kick-off for the UN Ocean Decade. Wendy is passionate about environmental protection, especially reducing waste and promoting animal rights and welfare.

Alumni of the office

Dr Daniela Henkel

Sandra Ketelhake

Dr Isabelle Schulz