Helmholtz Centre Hereon

KDM member with new name and logo

With a current mission, a new name and a new logo, the former Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht, Centre for Materials and Coastal Research is, since 31.03.2021, the Helmholtz Centre Hereon

"The description 'Materials and Coastal Research' in our old name no longer encompassed all of our research areas," says Prof. Matthias Rehahn, Scientific Director of the Helmholtz Centre Hereon, explaining one reason for renaming the research centre. "Another current and socially relevant topic for us is climate change," Rehahn continues. Research at Hereon is dedicated, among other things, to the question of how change is affecting the world's coasts and is looking at solutions to make the energy industry and mobility more climate-friendly.

The name Hereon is composed of the terms "Helmholtz", "resilience" and "innovation" and is derived from core messages of the current mission. The Hereon logo consists of a symbolic triad that represents the thematic fields of "climate" (blue), "coast" (green) and "technology" (red). Intertwined, the symbolism expresses the interdisciplinary cooperation of the individual thematic fields.


Further information and the full press release of the Helmholtz Centre Hereon: Press release