01.01.2024 - 31.12.2027



The European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) is the foundation of European ocean knowledge. Marine research infrastructures focused on ocean observing – for example, EMSO, EURO-ARGO and ICOS ERICs; EuroFleets+, EuroGoShip, GROOM RI, JERICO RI and MINKE – are the main providers of in situ ocean data for the EOOS and Copernicus.Unfortunately, there is a lack of effective cross coordination, which prevents them from fully supporting frontier research.

AMRIT gathers these infrastructure projects together with OceanOPS/WMO international coordination with the objective to:

  • ensure seamless operation of marine observation platforms;
  • ensure the full nominal use of sensors and accelerate their evolution;
  • exploit the complementarity of the various observation platforms;
  • ensure the overall coherence of the ocean data value chain.

To achieve these objectives, AMRIT will design and implement an EOOS Technical Support Center, which will be the cornerstone in establishing and maintaining a long-term European Ocean Observing System. AMRIT will provide a catalyst for the development and consolidation of marine research infrastructures throughout Europe, providing a benchmark for operational coordination and collaboration. AMRIT will advance EOOS in line with its 2023-2027 Strategy and beyond, and the European Commission’s ambitions for sharing responsibility in ocean observing across Europe.

Unter dem Dach von KDM ist eine Deutsche AMRIT Koordinierungsgruppe bestehend aus den Leitungsgruppen der beiden Strategiegruppen Küstenbeobachtungssysteme und Ozeanbeobachtungen eingerichtet worden. Diese Gruppe wird ihre Arbeit zu Beginn des Projekts aufnehmen.