News on marine mineral raw materials

Since 2016, BGR has published an annual newsletter on the status of its exploration work on manganese nodules and massive sulphides in the two German licence areas in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This year's newsletter provides information on:

  • BGR's expedition to the manganese nodule belt in the eastern Central Pacific, which was carried out in April/May this year to investigate biodiversity and raw material deposits;
  • the exploration trips in the Indian Ocean that have just come to an end;
  • the status of the development of the mining regulations and the latest developments at the last meeting of the International Seabed Authority;
  • BGR participation and organisation of workshops and conferences on deep-sea mining and its potential environmental impacts; and
  • the development of new research approaches to extract the metals contained in deep-sea ores in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The newsletter can be downloaded via the image on the right. It is currently only available in German.