Ocean as climate saviour? New World Ocean Review

The ocean – a climate champion? How to boost marine carbon dioxide uptake

The 8th edition of the "World Ocean Review" summarises the current knowledge on marine CO2 removal methods - available free of charge and the starting signal for the hitherto missing public debate on the question: Can and do we humans really want to change the ocean even more profoundly for climate protection purposes?

"The WOR 8 describes measures that (could) already be implemented and those that should still be evaluated as options in terms of their benefits, but also because of possible risks. All German marine research organisations and institutes are involved in corresponding projects, demonstrating once again how cooperation between the various disciplines of marine research is capable of quickly developing viable and sustainable contributions to solutions to a global problem. The WOR 8 impressively presents a kaleidoscope of current research in the year 2023, but also shows what knowledge is still lacking in order to make even more reliable recommendations to those involved in implementation", writes Prof Dr Ulrich Bathmann, Chairman of the German Marine Research Consortium, in his foreword.

The "World Ocean Review" is published every two years in German and English and is read worldwide by interested parties from politics, business and civil society. It provides up-to-date background information on relevant marine issues and is aimed at anyone who wants to have a say in marine protection and utilisation.

The eighth issue of WOR with the title: "Climate saviour ocean? How the ocean should absorb (even) more carbon dioxide" will be published on 15 November 2023 and can be ordered via the website worldoceanreview.com can be ordered free of charge as a printed copy or downloaded as a PDF version.

An English version is now also available in printed form or online via the following link: https://worldoceanreview.com/en/wor-8/

To the joint press release: https://idw-online.de/de/news823982

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