Commissioned in 1976, the SENCKENBERG is the research cutter of the Senckenberg Nature Research Society. It is operated by the Wilhelmshaven-based Department for Marine Research of the Senckenberg Research Institute.

The ship was designed for interdisciplinary research projects. However, education and training of young scientists play an equally important role.

The cutter can spend up to 14 days at sea, cruising the Wadden Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Irish Sea and the English Channel. Five scientists can live and work on the SENCKENBERG, conducting basic as well as applied research.   The focus is on marine geologic and biologic research, such as - for example - the assessment of sediments in the rivers Weser, Ems and Jade as well the southern North Sea using a multibeam echosounder. On deck, winches and cranes are available to deploy research equipment even under rough conditions.

SENCKENBERG description at Research Institute Senckenberg 

The Senckenberg at a glance

 Year of Construction: 1986
 Owner: Senckenberg Nature Research Society
 Operator: Senckenberg Nature Research Society
 Port of Registry: Wilhelmshaven
 Length: 29.5 m
 Beam: 7.6 m
 Draught: 2.7 m
 Speed: 10 knots
 Nautical Crew: 5 Persons
 Scientists: 5 Persons


Senckenberg Research Institute, Wilhelmshaven

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