04.10.2021 - 15.10.2026



The aim of Rest-Coast is to restore river-delta/estuarine coastal systems that have been degraded by the combined effects of climatic/anthropic stressors. The project use an integrated social-ecological approach that:

  1. restores functional connections (water and sediments) and habitats (shorelines, coastal wetlands, beach/dune and seagrass bed systems);
  2. Promotes synergies between scales/sectors and links adaptation and mitigation;
  3. accelerates irreversible transformative change according to climatic constraints;
  4. provide advanced forecasting systems;
  5. drafts criteria, roadmaps and action plans for sustainable coastal developments beyond the project timetable;
  6. provides local to regional demonstrations of efficient NBS hybrid development based on resilient ecosystem services with an upscaling plan for EU and global deltas/estuaries, aligned with the European Green Deal initiative.

The Rest-Coast project is intended to contribute to the EU mission "Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030".

The Wadden Sea region is one of several case studies, led by the Helmholtz Centre HEREON and the Coastal Research Centre at the Lower Saxony Agency for Water Management, Coastal Affairs and Nature Conservation. Associated partners in the project are the Joint Wadden Sea Office, the BAW, BSH, ICBM, and Senckenberg.

KDM is responsible for conducting at least five science-policy briefings and preparing at least five briefing papers.